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NTCH Artist in Residence

The 2018 NTCH Art in Residency Project

Expanding resources and providing international networks

The National Performing Arts Centre's National Theatre & Concert Hall (NTCH) has entered the 4th year since first launching its Art in Residency Project back in 2015. For the Art in Residency Project in 2018, the NTCH will continue to uphold its support for originality and creativity, by providing abundant resources, closer collaborations, and professional guidance. The NTCH also strives to expand and seek new resource links via deepened exchanges and dialogues with the global art community through its cooperation networks with the international venues, in order to further support art creaters to carry out new innovative projects. Encouraging artists to share their work during residency at the NTCH, it aims inspire new ideas for these artists and their works, while allowing the creative energy to shine on the international stage.

Thanks to the Art in Residency Project, the NTCH announces with pleasure its four Residency Artists of 2018 -- I-Fang Lin, Yu-Ju Lin, Inred Liang, and Wei-En Hsu.