Hao Cheng

Hao Cheng

Hao Cheng - Dance Project: Mercury Conjecture

Born in Taipei, Taiwan and awarded an MFA in Dance Choreography by Taipei National University of Arts, CHENHG Hao started his dance career while he studied mathematics at college.

CHENG Hao is a professional dancer and choreographer. He has been involved in various projects, productions and performances, including Velocity; Play Dead with HORSE (as a dancer); To Every Man His Dog with HORSE (as a co-choreographer and dancer); Reenactment - In the Midst of Memories;and Dance Project: 1875 Ravel & Bolero with Shu-Yi & Dancers (as a dancer). He performs in traditional theatre venues, but also in alternative venues, such as site-specific theatres, outdoor sites, galleries and museums. His recent collaborations include Xavier Le Roy’s Retrospective TB2016 in Taipei; WCdance’s Phanta Rhei; Tussock Dance Theater’s Gardenia; The Time (ver. 2015), and YU Yen-Fang’s Project Muomuo work-in-progress. As well as performing in Taiwan, CHENG Hao has also toured to Hong Kong, Macao, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, New York, North Carolina, and Dublin.

In 2015, CHENG Hao was sponsored to attend different auditions and workshops in Europe by Taiwan’s National Culture and Arts Foundation. During the Taipei Fringe Festival in 2016, funding from the Ministry of Culture’s New Arts Talent Scheme allowed him present his solo work Falling Behind the Peak. In 2017, he presented his solo work If on the grass, a rolling stone in the Grasstraw Festival by Our Theatre. CHENG Hao also worked as a physical designer for theatre productions such as Fantasy Theatre’s Undo; 1911 Action Troupe’s Magician, Magician, Tesla, and HUNG Chien-Han’s The Blind.