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About Us

International Sight- the center will become the main connection for international collaboration.

One of the core business aspects for the Center is to invite prominent groups and exceptional artists from all over the world to Taiwan. The center also encourages local performance groups to attend seminars and workshops so that they can be even well-prepared for the international market. From past experience under the model mentioned above, we have built up a good reputation and have elevated our abilities. In the future, we will keep on inviting more collaboration projects, build an extended artistic network, improve the visibility of local artists, and encourage cultural exchanges.

Classic Production- Establish quality of performance and create the classic productions for the Chinese speaking world.

Series with their own themes like "Summer Jazz", "Dancing Autumn", "International Theatre Festival", "World View" and "Taiwan International Festival of Arts" have received positive feedback through out the years and have become signature events of the Center. In the future, we will keep on developing these series in order to attract corporate funding, and strengthen international marketing power so that we can become the key station in Asia for all major touring performances.

Site Renovation- To share the space and preserve the historical material while molding the national cultural landscape.

After years of effort, we have successfully transformed our public space into a weekend relaxation venue for everyone. There are still more facilities (such as the Performing Art Library and the Culture Gallery Corridor) that needs promotion, and we will dedicate in combining the programs with these facilities like the Petit Forest Stage that just opened in July, 2010, the Vinyl Collection Room in the Performing Art Library, and the Multimedia Art Space in the Theatre Hall, so that we can bring more audience to the arts center.

Experience Sharing- This includes the business model of our experience into guidance publications, training programs and consultation services as well as sharing our resources with other performance spaces.

The Wei Wu Ying Center for the Arts, Taichung Metropolitan Opera House, Taipei Metropolitan New Theatre, Taipei Art Center and other major performance spaces will open one after another in the following years. The Center will provide various courses for the public, and every professional performance space will be equipped with skilled staff at their opening. The courses include program arrangement, marketing, stage management, theatre maintenance, front-desk service, safety management and other professional theatre programs. The National Symphony Orchestra will establish the NSO Music Academy and NSO Youth Orchestra in order to cultivate future talents.

The Center also produced and invited numerous brilliant performances as a celebration for Republic of China Centennial. The center has been here for more than twenty years and we are still challenging ourselves and our staff constantly so that we can march into a better future of performing arts. We are also facing the rising power of China and other areas of Asia, yet we will keep adopting policies that will nurture Taiwanese Art and let it flourish on the international stage.