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2020TIFA One Green Bottle

Feb 21, 2020 - Feb 23, 2020
Venue:Experience Theater (No.21-1, Zhongshan S. Rd.)

Because their dog, PRINCESS, is heavily pregnant, it seems important that one of the family should stay behind to look after her. But BO needs to get to the fairyle theme park “Wonderland” where he is due to have an anniversary outing with his fellow actors, BOO to a concert of her favourite boyband and PICKLE seems to have arranged to spend the entire night queueing with her “computer friends” in the following morning. In a word, nobody wants to stay home and witness the miracle of a living creature propagating ⋯In Japan, a country being acclaimed as the "major power of family dramas," a serious topic about a dysfunctional family can be deliberately wrapped as a wild farce with strong sensational stylesand featuring a cast of outstanding theater performers from the United Kingdom to perform in English. Who is capable of bringing such a cross-cultural theater into being? No one but Hideki Noda, who is described by Japanese director Yukio Ninagawa as "absolutely the most talented and provocative playwright of contemporary Japan."

In recent years, he further cooperates with Soho Theatre in the UK to incorporate the intense performing energy and hilarious style showcased in the Japanese traditional Noh, Kabuki and contemporary theater into crosscultural creations. In One Green Bottle, which finally comes to Taiwan, Noda assumes the role of the mother.

Audiences are promised a night of being immersed in the black humor of Noda style and witnessing how the narcissistic generation fed on technologies accelerates the declines and collapses of families.

Hideki Noda

Hideki Noda is currently the artistic director of Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. In 1992, he went to study in London and then established a theatre production company called "NODA‧MAP" on his return to Japan,presenting a succession of major hits, which win various drama awards in Japan. Hideki Noda has been appointed an Honorary Officer of the British Empire (OBE) and received the Medal with Purple Ribbon.

Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre in association with NODA・MAP
“One Green Bottle”

Written and Directed by Hideki Noda
English Translation Adapted by Will Sharpe

Father(BO):Lilo Baur
Daughter(PICKLE):Glyn Pritchard
Mother(BOO):Hideki Noda
Music performance:Genichiro Tanaka

◆ Duration: approx. 75 minutes, without intermission.
◆ This program contains strobe lights. Viewers discretion is advised.
◆ Post-talk: 2/22(Sat.) Evening at the Experimental Theater.