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Chekhov International Theatre Festival THE WAR

Oct 7, 2016 - Oct 10, 2016

Between Life and Death, Is It Sound Sleep or A Dream?
A Song of War—Fascinating, Poetic, yet so Real

It is 1913. For the group of young artists in Paris, war was a blazing fire that would burn away stale ideas and norms to make room for new orders. They believed that war was inherent to civilization as described in The Iliad and that beauty would save the world. They were determined to establish new trends and forms for arts. However, after undergoing World War I, they were drastically changed by the war as the shadow of death had caused great impact on them. Taking a neurologist's advice, they decided to go through an unusual treatment by reliving their experiences in a pretend game based on the epic material of the Trojan War so as to relieve the pain caused by the war.

A co-production between Chekhov International Theatre Festival and the Edinburgh International Festival, THE WAR is a production in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of World War I. Director Vladimir Pankov employs his expertise in “SounDrama,” making music an indispensible part that perfectly incorporates into narrations, characters, style as well as plot, and also forms an organic collaboration among music, physical movement, aerobatic and drama. Between life and death, the war is no longer just an abstract concept, but real death, pain and terror.