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God knows

Oct 12, 2018 - Oct 14, 2018
Venue:National Theater (No.21-1, Zhongshan S. Rd.)

God Knows is derived from a line in the script of playwright Birdy FONG's previous work, Dear God: “This world has been drowned by pain-killers.” The play further explores the pain of life and the necessity of pain killers as well as the revelation brought forth by drugs. Through texts, narratives and precise visual designs, the play reproduces the state of sensory bewilderness after taking drugs. Generally speaking, the work is more narrative yet more fragmented and painful, but at the same time, more humorous and desperate.
God Knows does not only portray the mindset of a drug-user, but also construct a living environment and mental state to explain the reason why modern people try to escape from the reality and instead embrace the virtual reality. Director Baboo takes the main character's view point as the subjective perspective to infiltrate into his brain to explore his special senses that are normally oppressed and restrainted but only released after being stimulated by drugs. By expanding the variation between the senses of space and time, it feels that the physical body is still living on the earth while the mind has taken refuge in the eternal universe.