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Nov 13, 2015 - Nov 16, 2015
Venue:National Theater

This performance explores the traces that lie in between—sound & silence, light & dark, past & present, physical & transcendental—through the piano music of Tan Dun, choreography by Ivan Perez Aviles and Ming-Lung Yang, with direction and design by Cryptic.

This idea of ‘snow, moon, and flowers' expresses the ever-changing beauty of nature, and alludes to both the transience and permanence of the natural world as it praises the joys of viewing nature. This phrase also encompasses the ceaseless passage of time in the natural world and speaks of the deep longing associated with absence. ‘Snow, moon, and flowers' can be a reference to the seasons (Winter, Autumn, Spring), but it can also be seen to represent the three ‘whites' (snow=blue-white, moon=yellow-white, flower=pink-white), demonstrating the vast subtle differences even within “whiteness”. Here it is best not to think of ‘white' as a colour, but as the Buddhist concept of emptiness—space that is ready to be filled.