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Möbius Strip Theatre Somewhere out there

Oct 13, 2016 - Oct 16, 2016

A girl who awoke from a dream fell into another dream, where she met a gardener guarding a castle, an officer yearning for honor, a lawyer, a real estate tycoon, a gatekeeper…one after another of those who search for their names in one after another of those of seemingly true yet illusionary dreams. Dreams overspread and sufferings in the reality never seem to end….

Möbius Strip Theatre, which has gained its reputation of interpreting “dreams” with cross-border diversities, returns to the environment theatre with a joint venture between Malaysian Chinese playwright Gao Jyun-Yao and Hong Kong director Alex Cheung after 2012, paying a homage to Strindberg's A Dream Play. Led by the chorus, the production “dream walks” through the outdoor space of the 435 Art Zone and through the dreams of action plays, installation arts, and entwined videos and images. With the live performance of “troubadours,” we wonder through melancholy as well as tranquility and lightness of lives, and between aloofness and worldliness. The various ordeals of live—poverty, hierarchy, and infatuation for love as observed by Strindberg in 1902—still measure the boundless uneasiness nowadays in which we search for our own positions. The scenes of illusions as well as lives are even more glamorous than dreams yet more pungent than realities!nacceptable, leading to a series of consequences.