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Objects & Under the Horizon

Dec 3, 2015 - Dec 6, 2015
Venue:Experimental Theater A

After Special Order in 2014, Huang Yi once challenges himself in Objects (work in progress) and Under the Horizon (work in progress).

Objects(work in progress): Tapping one's back creates the sound of tapping an empty glass; compressing one's body creates the sound of crushing papers; by putting a finger into somebody's ear, you hear the sound of his consciousness. Through the monitoring speakers, the performer transplants sounds, body and objects. Thus the sounds create a sense of misplacement that combines both visual and audio through the performer, separate souls from bodies, and portrait the value of human beings.

Under the Horizon (work in progress): Collaboration among artists from Taiwan and Japan, this work infuses human sub-consciousness into shadows. Shades separate from human bodies and creep out of walls, grounds and margins of various lights. Are they remaining images of real events? Or just shadows from human sub-consciousness? By means of imaging technology, human shadows are torn, melted, and then intertwined with shadows from different moments with different people in different emotional contexts along the path of your life. Both abstract and substantial images interchange with each other and then are all compressed into the world “underneath the horizon”.