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Unconditional Love and Fact

Oct 27, 2017 - Oct 29, 2017
Venue:Experience Theater (No.21-1, Zhongshan S. Rd.)

From the Spectrum of Rainbow, Float in Unlimited Love and Reveal Unknown Existence

This may be a journey of regaining the unconditional acceptance in love and approaching the fact. However, the journey seems to have neither a starting point nor an imaginary ending. The journey is possibly in a state without choice...After all, what we are aware of is always a minuscule part of the whole universe...

In 2016, SU participated in the artist residency project “Accelerate@CERN” at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and was inspired by the scientists, who are dedicated to the fundamental research on the universe and its creatures, with unlimited imagination and also skepticism. Toward their research hypotheses—which inspired her to recall whether she had ever unconditionally accepted in anything? Or rather, what supports us to believe in anything? As an artist, how should she again curiously raise question from the ordinary. How would she embrace an unconditional state to experience the unlimited and unknown life? SU Wen-chi also invites LIN Yi-fang, a Taiwanese dancer based in France, to jointly explore the journey into the unlimited.

Unconditional love may not be affectionate tolerance, but rather the genuine acceptance that prevails the intertwined sentiments and desire.
The fact may lie beyond truth and false. How can we attempt to face the possible unknown and the relative ignorance with limited understanding?

Artistic Director of YiLab. SU Wen-chi
Su Wen-chi, winner of the Jury's Special Award in the Eighth Taishin Arts Award and World Stage Design 2017 Alternative Design Gold Award, founded YiLab. in 2005 with the concept that in any given work, there is no single central media but instead a lot seemingly similar yet contradictory ideas. Each of the artists participating in the creation is an independent individual with the freedom to put forward various perspectives to explore the core of the proposition in the work. YiLab. has been invited to perform at many prominent art festivals both at home and abroad and continues to attract international attentions.

Concept/ SU Wen-chi
Movement R&D/ LIN I-fang, SU Wen-chi
Performer/ LIN I-fang
Sound Design / WU Ping-sheng
Light Design / Jan Maertens
Costume Design/ ZEIGARNIQ
Installation R&D / CHANG Huei-ming

◎Duration: approx. 60 minutes without intermission.
◎Latecomers will not be admitted.
◎Post-talk: 10/29(Sun.) at the Experimental Theater
◎This production contains partial nudity, smoke and loud voice. Audience discretion is advised.
◎Recording Date: Matinee performance on 10/28.