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A Klezmer feast of Jewish music heritage

Nov 18, 2016 - Nov 21, 2016
Venue:Recital Hall

The music of Kroke initially developed from the Jewish Klezmer music and music from the Balkans. After incorporating more elements from different genres and ethnicities, Kroke has now found the perfect balance between tradition and experimentation to become one of the most renowned and popular Polish ensembles in the world. The band was invited by director Steven Spielberg to perform for survivors of the Holocaust; their song The Secret of the Life Tree was selected for David Lynch's film Inland Empire in 2006.

Jovano Jovanke (馬其頓民謠 Macedonian folk)
Ajde Jano (塞爾維亞民謠 Serbian folk)
Time (Lato,1999)
T.42 Light in the Darkness (Kukurba/ Bawoł/ Lato/ Grela,2003)
Hope (Kukurba,2003)
Usual Happiness (Kukurba,2003)
Eddie (Kukurba,2007)
Janitsa (Kukurba,2009)
Love (Lullaby for Kamila) (Bawoł,2012)
Bright Clouds (Kukurba, 2014)
Mirrors (Kukurba/ Bawoł,,2014)
Joy As It Is (Bawoł,2014)
Moving Pictures (紀錄片電影《死亡夜總會》配樂 Music for a documentary feature film Cabaret of Death,Kukurba/ Bawoł/ Lato/ Grela,2015)

*The program is subject to change and the musicians may substitute a few pieces when necessary. All works, except the first two traditional folks songs, are composed and arranged by KROKE.