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Anarchy Dance Theatre: In Freedom

Nov 6, 2015 - Nov 9, 2015
Venue:Experimental Theater A

Are you free? Why or why not? Freedom of movement, freedom of mind, freedom of body, freedom of emotion……on the way of your exploration, various forms of freedom appear, disappear and then re-appear, perhaps bound by restrictions-with or without your awareness. Or perhaps everyone defines freedom in a different way?. Starting from the physical liberation, In Freedom explores new movements, energies and attitudes, aiming to deconstruct the relations among body, space and theater, investigating multiple variations and impromptus of liberation, as well as the struggles of freedom intertwined in complex circumstances.

In 2013, choreographer Jeff Chieh-hua Hsieh spent almost one year on the artist residency in Europe. After returning Taiwan, he collaborated with dancers, improvising, developing, contemplating and incubating for another two years. In Freedom is the final outcome of the two-year hard work. Through dancing, he would like to explore the maximum limit of liberation and to reach the border of freedom, trying to figure out what kind of freedom we can achieve during the process of deconstruction and reconstruction.

Choreographer Jeff Chieh-hua Hsieh

Trained in both architecture and choreography, Hsieh's works feature unique spatial concepts and distinctive structure. He dedicates to choreography methods which can lead to a new way to develop and comprehend dance pieces. His works have been invited to perform in the Global Dance Festival Colorado (USA), as well as in Calcutta and New Delhi (India), Singapore, Australia, TodaysArts Festival (Netherlands), Centro Parraga (Spain), Japan Society in New York (USA), the 2013 World Stage Design (Cardiff, UK), Hong Kong, and UEA etc.