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DJ Kid Koala's Nufonia Must Fall

Mar 16, 2018
Venue:National Concert Hall (No.21-1, Zhongshan S. Rd.)

Nufonia must fall is a live adaptation of Kid Koala's graphic novel. It is a heart-warming sci-fi story about a headphones-sporting robot without the function of playing music on the verge of obsolescence falling in love with a human girl and wanting to create a song for her.
This multi-disciplinary concert involves an amazing team of 15 members, including puppeteers, technicians and musicians, who bring the characters to life. Kid Koala, accompanied by the Afiara Quartet, performs his original score on piano and turntable. With 40 puppets, 20 miniature sets, and cameras, the production recreates each scene from the book and portrays the ultimate perfect quality of puppets. Under the direction of production designer K.K. Barrett, who was nominated for the Academy Award for HER , the performance is cinematically lit, filmed, and projected on a large screen.
All of the elements come together in real time. A combination of theater, cinema,and concert – audiences can have a brand-new experience in watching a concert as if experiencing the making of a movie.

Music Kid Koala
Kid Koala is a world-renowned scratch DJ, music producer, and award winning graphic novelist. He has released four solo albums and two graphic novels. He has also contributed to scores for such films as Looper and The Great Gatsby , and has toured with numerous bands.

Director K.K. Barrett
K.K. Barrett is a Production Designer known for his work on the films of highly individual directors. His works include Where the Wild Things Are and Oscar-nominated HER