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Golden Bough Theatre Oidipous Tyrannos

Nov 11, 2016 - Nov 14, 2016

“You have eyes but not see your own destruction, nor where you are.”
-- Blind Prophet from Oidipous Tyrannos

Oidipous didn't know himself struggling with strong and ruthless force. Since Oidipous defeated the Sphinx, the city was struck by a plague. Because the murderer who had killed late king Laius was still at large, he determinated to find out the truth. But at the end, he found out trapped in Gods' oracle. He was the arch-criminal who killed his father and married his mother.

The “Taiwan Classic: Environmental Epic Theatre” series is Golden Bough Theatre's one and only signature production, which interprets classic Greek tragedies, “Oidipous Tyrannos”.

By original and fierce physical interpretation and intense emotional illustration, the director, Mr. Wang Rong-yu, based on powerful and emotional brutal aesthetics, releases originally the life and essential violence with cruelty. He presents the conflict between the human and destiny and then, transforms it into odd and treacherous hero epic theatre.

Under the stars of National Concert Hall's outdoors, the stage will be designed by a three-sided sight. Audiences will all be involved and become part of the performance. It will reproduct Golden Bough Theatre's Environmental Epic Theatre as an unique ritual aesthetics.

駕駛員:金枝演社Golden Bough Theatre

The most touching is the culture springing from native land.

The Golden Bough is the title an anthropology masterpiece. With golden boughs, priests and prophets bribed the gatekeeper and sneaked into the Underworld for adventures. With the name stemmed from the mythology, the Golden Bough Theatre sets out to lead audiences into adventures. Founded in 1993, Golden Bough Theatre has created Taiwan's original musicals, acclaimed by Lin Hwai-min, Founder and Artistic Director of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, as “creating the era for musicals in Taiwanese!” The “Taiwan Classic: Environmental Epic Theatre” series has won recognition both at home and abroad.