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Isle of Dreams

Mar 2, 2018 - Mar 4, 2018
Venue:National Theater (No.21-1, Zhongshan S. Rd.)

In fighting for the key to the divine garden ("the heart of the isle"), there launches a dark conspiracy and bloody struggles.The resentment and grudge between two clans of gods, Kun Lun and the Isle of Ghosts, announces to all of the gods that the world IS GOING TO BE SHATTERED!
After the first episode of the revolutionary mythological trilogy, The Drought Goddess , Playwright/Director LEE Yi-Hsiu continues his journey into the oriental mythology and presents the second episode of the trilogy, Isle of Dreams . Inspired by Classic of Mountains and Seas , the production superbly interprets the mythic beauty of ancient legends of ghosts, spirits, and gods. With a newly invented mythological language that integrates Taiwanese, Hakka, the Suzhou dialect, and Cantonese, the work successfully creates a distinctive atmosphere and the sense of space and time of the mythological world. In addition, Isle of Dreams also ingeniously combines music of Nanguan and Beiguan with such music genres as Rap and R&B to create the unique style of music that possesses both traditional charm and innovativeness without straying from the tradition.
Isle of Dreams was nominated for the 15th Tai- Shin Arts Award and its premiere in 2016 was commissioned and sponsored by Quanta Arts Foundation. The reproduction of Isle of Dreams will be presented in the 2018 Taiwan International Festival of Arts.

Playwright/Director LEE Yi-Hsiu
LEE Yi-Hsiu receives his MFA degree in Acting from the Department of Theatre Arts of Taipei National University of the Arts and has since involved in a wide range of performing arts, including Nanguan, traditional Chinese opera, Kunqu and modern theater. He is an instructor in Department of Music of Shih Chien University, chief executive officer of the Performance Center at National Central University, founder and main creator of La Cie MaxMind, and currently the theater director of Trend Education Foundation.