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Jordi Savall & Hespèrion XXI-The traveller of time

Nov 1, 2016 - Nov 4, 2016
Venue:National Concert Hall

Jordi Savall, master of viola da gamba, is making a second visit to Taiwan. The Spanish viol player who has received countless prestigious awards also specializes in the important musical heritage of the Iberian Peninsula. In 1992, Savall's musical work for Alain Corneau's film Tous les matins du monde received a César award. In this concert, he will pay tribute to the 14th century explorer Ibn Battuta, using the most exquisite, velvety viol tones to guide the audience through time on a spectacular musical pilgrimage.

1333 The take of possession of the last Mongolian emperor in China drove to an extended civil war∣
Flowers and Moon over Spring River (Chunjiang huayueye), pipa and zheng
1334 Ibn Battuta in Constantinople∣Byzantine dance: Erotókritos
1335 in Kabul∣Laïli Djân, Persian song and dance
1336 Ibn Battuta in India∣Raga Muddhugare yashoda

1337 Beginning of the 100 Years' War∣La Quarte Estampie Royal
1340 Ottoman expansion in Balkan∣Muhayyer Peşrev, Ottoman march
1345 Trip to the South of Asia and in China∣Rainy Night on Banana Panel (Jiaochuang yeyu), zheng
1346 The big return to Morocco∣Dance of the soul, Nastaran, ney

1348 The Black plague in Europe∣Lamento di Tristano
1349 First Chinese settlement in Singapore. Beginning of the Chinese colonisation of the southwest
Asia∣Dance of Yi people (Yizu wuqu), pipa
1349 Boccaccio writes The Decameron∣Istampitta: Saltarello

1350 Ibn Battuta visits Granada in Al-Andalus∣Mawachah Billadi askara min adbi llama
1351 Uprising of White Lotus in North China ∣Stream and Mountain (Gaoshan liushui), zheng
1352 Ibn Battuta crosses the Sahara∣Kevokê, the Wind dance, ney

1353 The Empire of Mali∣Kouroukan Fouga, instr.
1354 Pierre III conquests Sardinia∣La Manfredina (Trecento Mss.)
1356 Zhu Yuanzhang revolts against the Mongolians∣The Spring of the Mountain Tian Shan
(Tianshan zhi chun), pipa
1359 Murat I succeeds his father the sultan Ohrhan Gazi∣Makām-ı Çargah Sirto

1368 Yuan Mongols are evicted from Beijing and the Ming Dynasty is founded∣The Song of the
Border (Saishang qu), pipa and zheng
1377 Death of Ibn Battuta∣Arabic Lament, duduk & ney
1392 End of Mongolian domination on China∣Happy Walking on the Street (Xing jie), ensemble,
Ancient music from south-east China, Celebrating and wished harmony of nature and human
1400 Beginning of the Renaissance in Italy∣Song & dance: Hermosa muchachica (improvisations)