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May B by Compagnie Maguy Marin

Oct 30, 2015 - Nov 2, 2015
Venue:National Theater

This piece based on the writings of Samuel Beckett, whose work contradicts in its theatrical movement and atmosphere the physical and aesthetic performance of a dancer, has enabled us to lay the grounds for a secret deciphering of our most intimate, hidden and ignored gestures.

To succeed in unveiling the tiny or spectacular gestures of the many unnoticeable and inconspicuous lives in which waiting and "not quit still" stillness create a void, a huge nothingness, a silent space filled with the hesitations. When Beckett's characters yearn for stillness, they cannot help moving; be it a little or a lot, they move.

In this essentially theatrical work, the point, for us, was less to develop words and speech than blown-up form of movement, thus seeking the meeting point between movement applied to theatre on the one hand, and dance and choreographic language on the other.

Maguy Marin, French dancer and choreographer who has been known to the world for 30 years, has won the National Dance Award and the Chevalier Order of Arts and Letters granted by French Ministry of Culture. Her dance company, Campagnie Maguy Marin, is a heavy-weight dance company that integrates dance, theater and music, exploring the whole new possibilities and varieties with different approaches.

◎Duration: approx. 90 minutes without intermission.
◎The age guidance for this production is 12+.
◎Pre-talk: 30 minutes before every performance at the Lobby of National Theater.
◎Post-talk: 11/1 at the Lobby of National Theater.