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Pansori Project ZA-Stranger's Song

Nov 4, 2016 - Nov 6, 2016

The Star of Pansori × The Master of Latin American Literature
Welcome to the World where Everyone is a Stranger!

Stranger's Song is based on ‘Buen viaje, señor presidente', from “Doce Cuentos Peregrinos” by Gabriel García Márquez, the master of South American literature. It is adapted by Jaram Lee, the renowned “sorikkun” as well as a talented Pansori writer/composer.

Pansori is a Korean genre of musical storytelling, usually performed by a “sorikkun” (singer and storyteller) and a drummer. As a superb “sorikkun” who has delicate, warm and extensive perspectives on the world, Jaram Lee is able to bring Márquez's diverse characters alive, and tells a subtle yet deep story about those Latin American wanderer in Europe.

Homero and his wife Lazara, living in Geneva, are foreign workers that make a living by doing chores, including driving an ambulance. One day, the ex-president of their country comes to Geneva to cure his illness. His appearance results in the change and conflict between the couple……

韓國板索里劇團(Pansori Project ZA)
Pansori Project ZA, is a creative collective which makes new works based on Pansori, a traditional Korean performing art. Since its debut “Sacheon-ga” in 2007, the company has performed “Ukchuk-ga”, “Huhse-ga”, “Andre Samwoli”. Noticing that Pansori can also be universal and contemporary, it has been continuously producing modern Pansori, which has both huge artistic value and high level of closeness with the audience. The company has been invited to perform in Poland, New York, Chicago, France, Japan, Romania, and other international theaters and festivals, where it received popular acclaims.