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Terrace Light Box for Rent

Light Box

The light box of Theater Terrace is available for rent. The ideal location at the intersection of Aiguo East Road and Zhongshan South Road, by the exit. No.5 of Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall MRT Station, guarantees high visibility. Arts and cultural groups are welcome to post their new updates.

  1. Pricing
    One light box has two sides; each side is divided into three panels.
    Regular charge: NT15,000 per week for the first and third panels respectively. NT18,000 per week for the second panel.
    1. 50% discount for entities which rent our performance venues and use our ticketing system.
    2. 10% discount for two consecutive weeks; 15% discount for four+ consecutive weeks.
    3. 10% discount for a single rent of three panels; 15% discount for a single rent of four+ panels.
  2. Application Process
    The applicant fills out the application form and turns in a design display layout. Upon approval, the applicant should pay off full fees within one week of notice.
  3. Regulations and Notices
    1. Performing art related content will be given priority. The NTCH reserves the right of approval.
    2. Political and anti-regulation messages as well as violation of public order and good custom are prohibited for light box display.
    3. The NTCH reserves the right to decline any content which violates the above regulations or carries negative impact to us.
    4. Every rental period is two months at most.
  4. Contact Information
    Click here to see a demonstration video of the rotating light box.
    For schedules and questions, contact us by phone (02)33939833 or fax (02)33939907.