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2013 TIFA─綠光劇團-台灣文學劇場二步曲《單身溫度》

Greenray Theatre - Temperature of a single man
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The Greenray Theatre presents the“Taiwan Literature Theater”series in order to share passion and impressions aroused by the experiences living in Taiwan through the theatre. The first of the series, At the Time of Memorial Festival, was presented in October 2010.The second of the series, Temperature of a Single Man, adapted from celebrated writer WANG Ding-jun's Collection of Short Fictions by WU Nien-jen, and directed by KO I-chen, will be premiered in 2013. It depicts a bachelor's kinship love, romantic love, job, and up-and-down in life. He appears in every story, yet not every story is revealed from his perspective. He is the main character in some stories, but just a minor one in others. He encounters various females, who differ in personality and figure. These females' stories reflect problems and changes of the society.
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