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2014TIFA-山宛然 × 弘宛然《聊齋─聊什麼哉?!》

Inside Out:A Tale of Allure and Enchantment
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Breaking the traditional framework and creating a new world
Opening the black box and revealing evil spirits to bewilder human senses

Inside Out: A Tale of Allure and Enchantment is a breakthrough for the puppet theater. Under the instructions of National Treasure Master CHEN Xi-huang, Shan Puppet and Hong Puppet invite director WANG Chia-ming and scriptwriter LIN Jian-hua to create a brand-new puppet theater that is both bewildering and enchanting with the techniques of modern theater. It does not only break the traditional window frame to allow screens and pillars to run on the stage, but also bring the puppet-players and musicians up to the front for all the audiences to see. Drums, gongs and string instruments make every element of the puppet theater even more lively and vigorous.
Surrounding human emotions and desires, six stories from Liaozhai Zhiyi (Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio) feature ghosts, deities, evil spirits and foxes that disturb human beings’ six senses, namely, eyes, ears, noses, tongues, bodies and minds. Within the black box, all the imaginations and fantasies play to the extreme.

HUANG Wu-shan, a disciple of puppet theater master LI Tien-lu, established Shan Puppet in 2002, creating programs composed of Hakka theater, puppet and music. The performances of Shan Puppet and Hong Puppet inherit the skills from the I Wan Jan Puppet Theater and preserve the simple style of the traditional puppet theater. Huang masters not only the puppet manipulation in the front stage, but also all sorts of instruments in the back stage. He has been dedicated to promoting the traditional puppet theater, aiming to go beyond the limits of tradition, and has toured to the Netherlands, Czech, France, USA and Tunisia for this cause.

■approx. 80 minutes without intermission
■Performed in Taiwanese and Hakka with Chinese surtitle
Post-talk: 3/22-23 (Sat.-Sun.) after the matinees
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