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< Feather> is a modern musical play co-produced by French-German director Lukas Hemleb and the Xinxin Nanguan Ensemble. The story was based on a Chinese legend, the Double Seventh Festival, which is a love story that tries to understand the relationship between Man and God. The fairy in the story was trapped in the human world because her lover stole her feather robe while she was bathing in the river. While the love itself is beautiful, it changes the order of the world, so the fairy that was trapped in the human world was destined to be the prisoner of an eternal loneliness. The play voices concerns of today’s world through an ancient love story, and brings about the discussions of how people react while facing the imbalance between modern technologies and Mother Nature. is also the first time that the Nanguan is being used in a contemporary musical play.

The music of < Feather> is meticulously composed by Wang Xinxin. Wang Xinxin not only forges a new path by using the Nanguan in this contemporary musical play, but also invites a famous Taiwanese Pipa perfomer, Wang Shirong, to join the show and to present the different characteristics of northern and southern Pipa music. The director Lukas Hemleb is active in Europe. In 2006, he co-directed the play of “River Goddess Luo” with the National Chiang Kai-Shek Cutural Center in Taiwan, which makes this his second time directing a Nanguan play. In addition, Taiwanese contemporary theater actor Lee Yixiu, who is not only an all-round talent (editor, director, actor) but also a proficient Nanguan performer, will be playing the leading role in the play for the very first time. Except for the high level performance in Nanguan, Lee Yixiu will also challenge the role of “Qiandan” in this show.
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