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NTCH provide a variety of services for visitors who are elderly, disabled or otherwise challenged. There is a full complement of special facilities, and the staff is ready to offer any assistance they are able to provide. This ranges from special guides to discounts on tickets, program schedule information, as well as telephone services to remove some of the obstacles that may stand in the way. Our goal is to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Services for the disabled

The center’s services for the disabled include special ticket purchasing system, toilets equipped for the handicapped and reserved parking spaces.

  1. Special facilities for the disabled
    Ramps are available for wheelchair access (located downstairs, on the ground floor and on level two of the seating areas in both the National Theater and the Concert Hall.) Other special facilities include handicapped accessible public telephones and elevators with voice-activated controls and Braille markings.

    There are also handicapped-accessible restrooms on the ground floor and second floor of the National Theater, on the second floor of the Concert Hall, and in the Recital Hall (downstairs).

    There are parking spaces reserved for the handicapped (a total of 14 spaces near the entrances to the National Theater and on the sides of the Concert Hall parking lot. You can park free up to four hours by showing your parking card and disabled ID, driver’s license or passenger’s license.
  2. Discount tickets for the disabled (available only for programs produced by NTCH)

    How to obtain free tickets
    You can obtain free tickets for yourself and one caretaker if you go to the ticket office in the concert hall between the second and third Sundays of the month. Bring your disabled booklet . A limited number of tickets are available. If all of the available tickets for the disabled are not distributed, you can request a ticket by telephone. This service is available from the third Monday of each month from 1:00pm to 5:00pm to the following Saturday. Disabled persons can reserve tickets for pick up 30 minutes before the start of a performance by showing their disabled booklet at the ticket office of the concert hall. In order to ensure that all disabled persons have the same opportunity to obtain tickets, anyone who fails to pick up a ticket after making reservations three times in a row, will forfeit all rights to such tickets for a period of one year.

    For information and to make reservations call (02) 3393-9888

    Thirteen seats for the handicapped are available for every performance in the National Theater and 19 for the Concert Hall. Each person is allowed to pick up one ticket per performance, and for any given performance each person may obtain only one ticket. Picking up a ticket on behalf of someone else is also limited to one ticket. If the available tickets for a performance are not distributed, then this center is entitled to sell them to the public. In addition, only four wheelchair slots are available in the National Theater and the Concert Hall for each performance. Persons confined to wheelchairs must provide their own wheelchairs to view a performance.

    Half-price Tickets (available only for programs produced by NTCH)
    Disabled persons are eligible to buy tickets at 50% off with one ticket available for the disable person and one for a caretaker. Please show your ticket and proper identification when entering the venue.

  3. Program information by telephone for the handicapped.Call (02) 3393-9888 Fax(02)33939868.
    Detailed information is available through telephone. Call (02) 3393-9898 or by Fax (02)33939868.
  4. Guide Service and Information
    In order to ensure that handicapped individuals who come to NTCH can enjoy the experience to the fullest, operators are available daily from 12 noon to 20:00 pm.. Tel: (02) 3393-9888

Services for the Elderly

NTCH has staff ready to help older visitors make ticket purchases or provide medical assistance. There are also emergency help buttons available for those in need of assistance.

  1. Assistance in buying tickets (for performance organized by NTCH only)
    Tickets for the elderly are available at a discount for all programs organized by the center. Organizers who rent venues and cooperative productions do not offer this service. Only those 65 years old or older are eligible for 50% off on tickets purchased at NTCH or through an associated outlet. Please inform the ticket seller if you are eligible for half-price tickets. Proper ID must be shown at the gate to gain admission. If ID is not shown, the ticket may be charged at full price plus a handling fee.
  2. Medical Information
    The Service Center staff includes a number of personnel who are medically trained. They stand ready to provide information regarding various performances and to offer medical assistance if needed in case of accident or injury.
  3. Taxi Calling Service
    Any elderly person who requires assistance in finding a taxi after a performance can ask for help at the front desk.
  4. Emergency Call Button
    For acoustic reasons, the doors at NTCH all use thick glass and cannot be fitted with automatic opening and closing mechanisms. Thus we have placed an Emergency Call Button at the entry to each hall so that the elderly or those who have trouble walking can call for assistance. Please do no hesitate to ring the bell if assistance is required in entering the building.
  5. Information on Guide Services
    Any elderly person planning to attend a performance at the center who requires assistance in finding a seat or needing help with a wheelchair needs to call between the hours of 9am and 8pm for information or to make an appointment.
    Tel: (02) 3393-9888.