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About Us

Read the content of the agreement letter carefully before registering at the NTCH official website and using the services provided in order to protect your rights.

A click of the "agree" button means you have carefully read the agreement, agree to subscribe to the NTCH website, are entitled to all rights of functions, and agree to obey the following regulations and relevant ROC laws.

1. Introduction of Services

  • Please provide complete and truthful personal data when registering. Any change after the registration should be updated accordingly.
  • For any untruthful or non-updated personal data, the NTCH reserves the right to terminate your subscriber status and rights to use the services.

2. Termination and Change of Services

  • The NTCH reserves the right to terminate or change services and the right to terminate or limit a subscriber's account without prior notice. NTCH does not hold any responsibilities to any subscriber or third person for any inconvenience and damaged caused. Subscribers do not preserve the right to demand compensation or reparation.
  • The NTCH reserves the right to change subscribers' regulations. Any change will be announced at the home page without any individual notice. If the subscriber doesn't agree to the change, withdraw from the organization and stop using NTCH's services. If the subscriber continues to use the services, it is deemed that the subscriber has agreed to and accepted the revision.
  • The NTCH reserves the right to close dormant accounts.

3. User's Legal Obligation and Agreement

The subscriber agrees not to use the services for any unlawful purposes or through any unlawful ways, and agrees to abide by relevant ROC laws and international protocols of Internet usage. If the subscriber is a non-ROC citizen, he or she should abide by the home country's regulations. The subscriber agrees and promises not to use the services to infringe others' rights or violate the following regulations:

  • Do not upload, post, announce or send any defaming, insulting, threatening, attacking, indecent, obscene, untruthful language, pictures or files of any format which violate public order and good custom on the NTCH website.
  • Do not violate others' rights of reputation, privacy, business secrets, trademark, copy, patent, intellectual property and others.
  • Do not use the NTCH website services under others' identity.
  • Do not upload, post, transmit or disseminate any data which contains computer virus or any code which interrupts, breaks or limits the computer's hardware, software or functions.
  • Do not engage in illegal transactions or post false, misleading messages.
  • Do not sell guns, narcotics, illegal drugs, pirate software or other contrabands.
  • Do not provide gamble related information or solicit people to gamble.
  • Do not distribute ad mails, spam, chain letters and illegal multi-level marketing messages.
  • Do not forge message sources or disturb the identification of transmission sources in any way.
  • Do not disturb or interrupt NTCH services, server or Internet access to the website. Abide by relevant requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of access to the website.
  • Do not provide substantial support or resources to terrorist attacks.
  • Do not track or disturb other people; do not collect or store other people's information in order to track or disturb.
  • Other behavior that the NTCH deems inappropriate.

4. Subscriber's Conduct

For any public or private information, data, texts, software, music, audios, pictures, graphics, videos, messages or other information (hereafter "subscriber's content”) delivered by the subscriber, he or she should take full reposonsibility. NTCH has no control over "subscriber's content" posted on the website; therefore, we do not guarantee its accuracy, completeness or quality. Under any circumstances, NTCH will not take any responsibilities over "subscriber's content," including but not limited to any mistake, negligence, and losses and damage caused by posts at the website or emails sent through the website.

The NTCH does not review "subscriber's content" beforehand but has the right to decline or remove any "subscriber's content" provided on the website. In other words, the NTCH and its appointee have the right to remove any revolting "subscriber's content" which violates the website's terms and conditions. The subscriber has to evaluate the accuracy, completeness or practicality of the "subscriber's content" and takes full responsibilities.

According to law, NTCH may reserve or disclose the subscriber's account information or "subscriber's content" to governmental agencies and judicial police under the following circumstances: (a) to abide by regulations or governmental requirements; (b) when deemed necessary for the website; (c) when deemed necessary to prevent other people's rights from infringement; or (d) to relieve users or the public from urgent danger of life, body, freedom, rights and property.

NTCH website's software may contain security elements which protect digital data. Using the data should abide by the rules of the NTCH or the content provider who provides the content to the website. Do not attempt to break or circumvent any rules of the NTCH website. It is strictly prohibited to reproduce, publish, distribute or publicly display partial or total data provided by the website without legal authorization.

5. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

NTCH's software, programs and content on the website, including but not limited to productions, pictures, files, information, data, website structure, website layout and webpage design, belongs to NTCH or other right owners as intellectual property, including but not limited to trademark right, patent right, copyright, business secrets and proprietary technology. No one is entitled to using, revising, reproducing, broadcasting, adaptation, distribution, delivery, publishing, reverse engineering, recompilations or disassembly. Citing or reproducing the aforementioned software, programs or website content requires prior written consent of the NTCH or other right owners. Violators should take responsibilities for damage compensation.

The NTCH and its affiliations' products, services and patterns (hereafter "the NTCH trademark") are protected by the Trademark Act and the Fair Trade Act according to registration or usage status. The NTCH trademark is not allowed to be used in any way without prior written consent of the NTCH.

6. Declination or Termination of Usage

The NTCH is entitled to terminating your password, account (or any other part) or access to our website, and removing and deleting any "subscriber's content" on our website due to our discretion, including but not limited to inactivity of a certain period, court or governmental order, your own request, inability to continue the website services, change of service content, unexpected technology or safety concerns, your fraud or illegal conduct, or when NTCH deems you violating the regulations and spirit of the terms and conditions. NTCH may terminate the website or any other part with or without notice at its own discretion. Moreover, the NTCH holds no responsibilities over the subscriber or any third person if the website service is terminated.

7. Your Authorization to NTCH

If the subscriber has no legal right to authorize others to use, revise, reproduce, broadcast, adapt, distribute, publish or publicly release some data and transfer the aforementioned rights to the third person, do not upload, transfer, input or provide to NTCH. The right of any data that you uploaded, transmitted, input or provided to NTCH remains yours or your authorizer's. However, when any data is uploaded, transmitted, input or provided to NTCH, it grants authorization to NTCH for use, revision, reproduction, broadcasting, adaptation, distribution, publishing, public releasing, public transmission, public showing and translation as well as transfering the rights of the aforementioned usage to others in order to promote NTCH, the website or public welfare. The provider quarantees that it does not infringe any third person's intellectual property rights for NTCH to use, revise, reproduce, broadcast, adapt, distribute, publish, publicly release, publicly transmit, publicly show, translate and transfer the data. Otherwise, the provider should take the responsibilities for any related damage compensation inflicted upon NTCH by the third person.