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CHENG Tsung-lung X Cloud Gate2 22° Lunar Halo

Apr 19, 2019 - Apr 21, 2019
Venue:National Theater (No.21-1, Zhongshan S. Rd.)

CHENG Tsung-lung arouses a 22° new storm within the Cloud Gate — attractive yet creepy, tranquil yet explosive!

In ancient folklore, a lunar halo is a sign foreboding changes, while scientifically it appears when the moonlight is refracted by 22 degrees through millions of ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. In his new dance piece 22° Lunar Halo, CHENG Tsung-lung draws on this natural phenomenon to explore the themes of human anxieties, struggles, desires, love and loneliness in the lunatic, everchanging world.

Set to the music by the internationally renowned Icelandic band Sigur Rós, CHENG unfolds an exotic modern fable, as 14 dancers, like mystic animals, squeeze one another, creep, mate, fight, and kill on the deep-black mirror floor.

Choreography CHENG Tsung-lung
Artistic Director of Cloud Gate 2. Inspired by the dynamics of street life, his breathtaking works have been seen as a fresh and unique voice in the international dance world. He will succeed as the Artistic Director of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan since 2020 after LIN Hwai-min retires from the post.

Music Sigur Rós
Icelandic post-rock titan. Famed for crafting ethereal soundscapes with melodic, classical, experimental, and minimalist elements, Sigur Rós has received huge accolade since 1994 and signaled in 1998 their arrival to the international stage with the second album “Ágætis Byrjun,” deemed “the last great album in the 20th Century.”

●Duration: approx. 70 minutes without intermission. Latecomers will not be admitted until a suitable break in the performance.
●This production contains partially nudity scenes, extremely loud sound and such special effects as flash light. Audience discretion is advised.