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Drums in the Night

Mar 8, 2019 - Mar 10, 2019
Venue:National Theater (No.21-1, Zhongshan S. Rd.)

Which will you choose? Revolution or love?
Should a deadline be imposed on the dilemma, I hope it is 100 years.

Drums in the Night was premiered at Münchner Kammerspiele in 1992 when Bertolt Brecht was only 24 years of age and had not yet achieved his fame as a theater master. It's a story about choices. As in the real life, each choice has its own story.

Anna is convinced that her lover Kragler has been dead in the war and therefore agrees to her parents' arrangement for her to marry a manufacturer who has never fought the war but instead gained profit from the war. However, Kragler is not dead and returns to Berlin only to find out that he has nothing. In disappointment and anger, he devotes himself to the cause of revolution and becomes a leader in the movement. On the eve of an important uprising, Anna comes back to him. Faced with the choice between his lover and the uprising, he hesitates briefly before making a decision: he chooses to desert the insurgency and go home with his lover.

Interestingly, even while Bertolt Brecht was writing this play, he struggled with the ending and was said to regret it throughout his life from then on. Nearly 100 years later, 33-year-old Director Christopher Rüping from the new generation chooses to reproduce the play at the theater where it was premiered and to interpret it with two different endings. Brecht proposed a dilemma in Drums in the Night, while Rüping bravely imposes a deadline for the dilemma. After nearly one century, when both the time and the stage have gone through revolution, will we have different opinions toward the controversial ending in the original play?

Director / Christopher Rüping
One of the most sought-after theater directors in the new generation, Christopher Rüping has been invited by artistic directors of many theaters in Germany to showcase his works since his graduation in 2010. With a variety of styles, his works have been described by critics as rebellious, but have always successfully drawn the attention and praise from both critics and audiences with their artistry and hot topics. Two of his works have been selected as top ten programs in the Berlin Theatertreffen, including Drums in the Night.

Theatre Director/ Christopher Rüping
Performers/Hannes Hellmann, Nils Kahnwald, Christian Löber, Wiebke Mollenhauer, Wiebke Puls, Damian Rebgetz
Stage Design /Jonathan Mertz
Costume / Lene Schwind
Music/Paul Hankinson, Christoph Hart, Damian Rebgetz
Lighting / Christian Schweig
Dramaturgy / Katinka Deecke

●Duration: approx. 120 minutes without intermission.
●Performed in German with Chinese subtitles.
●This production contains adult subject matter and such special effects as strong lighting and smoke. Audience discretion is advised.
●The age guidance for this production is 12+.
●Pre-talk: 30 minutes before every performance at the lobby of National Theater; 3/10(Sun.)Subtitles for the hearing-impaired audiences are provided.
●Post-talk: 3/10(Sun.) at the lobby of National Theater; subtitles for the hearing-impaired audiences are provided.
●The performance on 3/10 will present the version with either Bertolt Brecht's or Christopher Rüping's ending based on the result of audiences'votes. The result will be announced at the official website of TIFA on 2019/1/10.