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Mythology Upon the Table

Mar 1, 2019 - Mar 4, 2019
Venue:Experience Theater (No.21-1, Zhongshan S. Rd.)

A dinner banquet presented by Lévi-Strauss and Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group

“Can you pass the salt…oh, no…the mythology to me, please?”

In his Mythologiques, Claude Lévi-Strauss mentioned that the myths of different cultures are surprisingly similar. From such an idea, Director Baboo develops a special story line to construct a micro world view created by mythologies on a dinner table.

Audiences will join artists from Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, India and the Philippines to take part in the dinner banquet. The huge table is the stage for performance, where the artists present the “key mythology” from their respective cultures and, following the tradition of the Arabian Nights, improvise with all sorts of utensils, cutlery, food and seasoning materials to create necessary scenes and sounds.

Stories begin with their original appearances, pass on, and then will be deconstructed, combed or even occupied by artists. Through the epic-like journey, they will return to the starting point at the “last night” with brand-new faces.

The performance cooked with Mythologiques seems a déjà vu but is in fact unprecedented. You are cordially invited to join the dinner banquet to re- taste and re-digest the mythologies with modern perspectives and thinking.

Director Baboo
Baboo is the director-in-residence of the Shakespeare''s Wild Sisters Group, the 2017 NTCH artist-in-residence, and the recipient of the 2018 Asian Cultural Council Grant,He has been invited three times to work at the Watermill Center in Long Island, USA, founded by theater and visual artist Robert Wilson and is selected as the 2019 artist-in- residence at the Cité internationale des arts/ Paris. His works have been twice shortlisted in the Taihsin Performing Arts Award and performed in Festival d''Avignon OFF three times. His latest works include: Serenade, Common Tragedies,CagedTime, andGodKnows.

Production Team
Produced and performed by Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group
Director: Baboo
Playwright:HO Ying-keun
Producer:YANG Po-han

Performers:LIN Su-lien(Taiwan)、LIOU Yencheng(Taiwan)、XIAO Dong-yi(Taiwan)、Hyung Seok Jeon(South Korea)、Kanako Hayashi(Japan)、Russ Ligtas( the Philippines )、Sharanya Ramprakash(India)

Stage Design:LI Po-lin
Light Design:TENG Cheng-wei
Costume Design:Jamo Chen
Music Design:KO Chih-hao
Assistant director:WEN Si-ni
Stage manager:TENG Hsiang-ting
Visual design:NIEH Yung-chen

●Duration: approx. 100 minutes without intermission.
●Performed in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and Indian with Chinese and English subtitles.
●To avoid disturbing the performers and audiences, those who leave in the middle of the performance will NOT be admitted again.
●The age guidance for this production is 12+.
●Post-talk: Matinees on 3/2(Sat.)-3/3 (Sun.) at the Experimental Theater.