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    How do I use the birthday discount that’s provided to Dear Friends Members?
    1. Two coupons will be sent to you the month of your birthday that can be used for up to six months. If purchasing a program at the Box Office, please present the ticket in person when arriving. If purchasing a program online, please fax a copy of the coupons.
    2. The birthday cupons are limited to shows hosted by NTCH.
    3. The birthday coupons can not be be used with other discounts, such as the ones with associated with Dear Friends Members, nor can they be used with ticket packages or ID that already has preferential treatment.
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    How do I which programs at National Theater or the The Concert Hall have discounts?

    All of the programs that have discounts are listed with a Dear Friends Member marker.

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    Are Dear Friends members able to purchase tickets for programs in advance?

    Yes, members will be able to purchase tickets one week in advance before the general public and can obtain a 20% discount.

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    How are Rush Tickets used?

    Rush tickets are available to Dear Friends members with a Treasure card. If tickets are available for programs not held in conjuction by the National Theater and the Concert Hall, then members can purchase tickets at 50% of the original price the day of a performance.

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    What is the difference between the old system and the new system for renewing contracts for Dear Friends members?

    Old system: Members are notified two months before their membership expires with a letter asking whether their contract wants to be continued. If members do not respond within the required response time, the membership will automatically continued and fees will be deducted from the member’s credit card.

    New system: Members are notified two months before their membership expires with a letter asking whether their contract wants to be continued. If members wants to continue their membership, they can do so by calling or applying online. If members fail to respond, NTCH will calculate the amount of ticket purchases you have made and assess whether you qualify for a free renewal.

    Reminder: Members who fail to renew their contract in time will have their NTCH Dear Friends membership changed to regular membership.

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    What are the ways that Dear Friends members can book tickets?

    You can purchase tickets online, at various outside ticket sellers, at the National Theater or Concert Hall in person or by fax.

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    I want to apply for a Dear Friends membership online. How do I receive the membership card?

    After you apply for the Dear Friends membership you can immediately start purchasing tickets with a 10% discount. The membership card will be sent within 10 working days after applying.

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    How can I become a Dear Friends Member?

    You can apply to become a Dear Friends Member at the ticket booth of the Concert Hall, or through the online ticket system.

    Direct Enquiry: (02) 33939888

    Website: http://www.artsticket.com.tw

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    What benefits can I enjoy by becoming a Dear Friends Member?

    Dear Friends Members enjoy discounted tickets, prioritized receipts of our monthly program booklet, ticket booking by voice mail system and fax, accumulation of bonus points, discounts at canteens and snack bars of the National Theater and Concert Hall, and a birthday gift as well as access to periodical forums, seminars and arts and cultural appreciation events. For more information on the rights and benefits of Dear Friends Members, please visit http://www.artsticket.com.tw

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    Why can’t I receive the Dear Friends member newsletter?

    In order to assure that you receive the newsletter, please check to see if your email address is written correctly. This can be doen online or you may call for inquiry. Please check to see if the newsletter has been sent to the junk folder of your email, which is common with Yahoo and Hotmail accounts. It is recommended that you download the pdf form at http://npac-ntch.org/dear_friends/yahoo.pdf that exlains how to set up your account so that you may receive the newsletters.