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    If I have not attended a performance, but want to buy the printed program, what should I do?

    During the performance period, you can go to the audience entrance and purchase a program booklet from the front stage staff. This service is not available for performances not produced by NTCH. If the program is produced by NTCH and has not been performed for over one year, you can buy unsold program booklets at the Gift Shop of Concert Hall.

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    Are fresh flower bouquets sold in the National Theater and Concert Hall?

    You may purchase fresh flower bouquets or order them in advance from the National Theater and Concert Hall. You can go to the Gift Shop on the ground floor of Concert Hall to purchase flower bouquets from 12:00pm to 9:00pm.

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    Does the Center sell any DVDs of Beijing opera performances?

    If the hosting organization has related audio-visual products for sale during a performance at the National Theater and Concert Hall, they can be bought immediately. The National Theater and Concert Hall also offers some DVDs on behalf of suppliers. You are welcome to visit the Gift Shop to see the available selection.

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    What are the service hours and telephone number of the ArtShop?

    The open hours of ArtShop at Concert Hall: 12:00pm - 9:00pm


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    Q:Does the Gift Shop at the Concert Hall sell programs, posters or related products from past National Theater or Concert Hall performances?
    1. Due to the limited number of posters and programs printed by various performing groups, they are only available for sale at the location and time of the performance. Posters and programs left unsold, however, will be passed on to the Gift Shop of the Concert Hall for sale after the performance.
    2. The unsold posters and programs which are not printed by the NTCH are returned to the original performing organization, and no stock is kept by the National Theater or Concert Hall for sale. To buy them, please contact the original performing or production group.
    3. If you want to know the printing group, or whether there are any posters or program booklets of a certain performance left unsold, please contact the Gift Shop and leave your name and telephone number. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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    Are the outdated posters and programs sold at discounted prices?

    Two months after the performance, the programs and posters printed by the National Theater and Concert Hall, if still available, are sold at NT$10 and NT$20, respectively.

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    Are there any discounts for gifts?

    The Gift Shops of the National Theater and Concert Hall are service-oriented and the products are sold at low prices. Dear Friends Members enjoy a 10% discount there. Anyone buying products in mass quantities with total amount reaching NT$30,000 can also enjoy a 10% discount.

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    If I find a product substandard or damaged, can it be returned or replaced?

    Should there be any problem with a product, please bring your invoice and/or credit card payment slip, and you can replace the original product for a new one or buy a different product. If the price of the product to be bought is higher than the original one, please pay the difference.

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    Does the National Theater sell any video tapes or DVDs of National Theater performances?

    Due to copyright regulations, the National Theater and Concert Hall cannot sell performance-related products without the permission of the performing groups. But the Audio-Visual Center of the Performing Arts Library collects recordings of performances for Dear Friends Members to watch. To enjoy access to all these programs, it is highly recommended that you join the “Dear Friends of NTCH.”.