Welcome to National theater & Concert Hall. For more information, please call 02-33939888


NTCH Visitor Services

In order to ensure that everyone enjoys their experience at NTCH, a range of convenient services are provided including Front Desk and Information Counter services, guide services, and special assistance for elderly and disabled guests.

Information Counter

The Information Counters are located in the National Theater and Concert Hall next to the Box Offices on the ground floor. Both on-site and telephone services are provided and the service staff are pleased to be of assistance and provide information concerning NTCH performances, “Dear Friend” membership applications, performance-related purchases, Performing Arts Review (PAR) magazine purchases or related needs. The elders or those with special needs are also welcome to seek assistance at the Information Counter.

or telephone enquiries, please call (02)33939888 9a.m. to 8p.m. The Information Counter is open for enquiries from 12p.m. to 8p.m.(2017 3/1-5/31 National Theater is specially open from 11a.m. to 8p.m.) The Information Counter is closed on Ching-ming, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Chinese New Year and during power outages or when facilities are being renovated. Services will however be available when there are performances on any of the above named holidays.

Visitor Services

NTCH services are available long before a performance actually begins. The staff help visitors return or exchange their tickets and man the entrances and exits so that everyone can find the performance hall and their seats. They also run the concession stand, offering beverages and snacks both before shows and during intermissions.

Ticket takers

Service staff are stationed at the entrances to check the tickets of everyone entering the halls. The National Theater and Concert Hall have five entrances each while the Recital Hall and the Experimental Theater each have only one. The entrances are located at the following areas:

National Theater

  • Gate No. 1 on the ground floor next to Aiguo East Road
  • Gate No. 2 on the ground floor next to the Main Plaza
  • Gate No. 4 on the first floor next to Aiguo East Road
  • Gate No. 6 on the first floor next to the Main Plaza
  • B1 parking garage

Concert Hall

  • Gate No. 1 on the ground floor next to Hsinyi Road
  • Gate No. 2 on the ground floor next to the Main Plaza
  • Gate No. 4 on the first floor next to Hsinyi Road
  • Gate No. 6 on the first floor next to the Main Plaza
  • B1 parking garage

Recital Hall

  • Please enter from the underground parking garage of the Concert Hall, or enter Gate 1 or 2 of the Concert Hall and go down the stairs to B1.

Experimental Theater

  • Please enter the door next to Gate No. 3 of the National Theater and take the elevator to the third floor.
  • For the National Theater and Concert Hall: The intermission area is opened 40 minutes before the start of each performance, and the seating area is opened 30 minutes before the start of the performance.
  • For the Experimental Theater and Recital Hall: Doors to the venue and the seating area are opened 30 minutes before the start of each performance.


Visitors having trouble finding their seats should not be alarmed. There are ushers on each seating level ready to assist. They can also guide guests to the nearest public facilities.

Public Announcements

Before the start of each performance there is a short broadcast over the PA system of any important information pertaining to the show or to the audience.

Coat Check

Coat Check Counters are available for visitors to check items that they do not wish to keep on their persons during the performance.

Late Arrivals

Late arriving guests may not enter the seating area until there is a suitable break in the performance. For those waiting to gain entrance may watch the performance on one of the television screens in the lobby and will be seated as soon as possible.

Program Guides and Souvenirs

Program guides for the day’s event are on sale at the first floor service counter before a performance and during intermission, along with souvenirs and other items related to the performance. The program guide contains details about the show and its performers.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages can be found in the Lobby where a variety of drinks and snacks are on sale before each performance and during intermissions.

Arrival by Car or Taxi

Guests arriving at the NTCH by taxi or private car may exit vehicles on the entrance ramps which turn in from both Hsinyi Road and Aiguo East Road. The ramps may also be used to depart after the performance.

Calling a Taxi

Most evening performances finish fairly late, and NTCH offer a service calling taxis to pick up people headed home. Simply check with our service personnel at the doors of the lobby on either the Hsinyi Road Side of the Aiguo East Road side.

For assistance please call (02)33939888 (Available from 9a.m. to 8p.m.).

Services for the Elderly and the Disabled

The NTCH provide a variety of services for visitors who are elderly, disabled or otherwise challenged. There is a full complement of special facilities, and the staff is ready to offer any assistance they are able to provide. This ranges from special guides to discounts on tickets, program schedule information, via the telephone and other services to remove some of the obstacles that stand in the way of the elderly and the disabled. Our goal is to make your Two Halls experience as enjoyable as possible.

Services for the Disabled

Services for the Elderly

How to obtain free tickets

You can obtain free tickets for yourself and one caretaker if you go to the ticket office in the Concert Hall between the second and third Sundays of the month. Bring your disabled booklet and one photocopy. A limited number of tickets are available.

If all of the available tickets for the disabled are not distributed, you can request a ticket by telephone. This service is available from the third Monday of each month to the period from 1p.m. to 5p.m. on the following Saturday. Disabled persons can reserve tickets for pick up 30 minutes before the start of a performance by showing their disabled booklet (plus one photocopy and the ticket office of the Concert Hall. In order to ensure that all disable persons have the same opportunity to obtain tickets, anyone who fails to pick up a ticket after making reservations three times in a row, will forfeit all rights to such tickets for a period of one year.

For information and to make reservations call (02) 3393-9888

Thirteen seats for the handicapped are available for every performance in the National Theater and 19 for the Concert Hall. Each person is allowed pick up one ticket per performance, and for any given performance each person may obtain only one ticket. Picking up a ticket on behalf of someone else is also limited to one ticket. If the available tickets for a performance are not distributed, then this Center is entitled to sell them to the public. In addition, only four wheelchair slots are available in the National Theater and the Concert Hall for each performance. Persons confined to wheelchairs must provide their own wheelchairs to view a performance.

  1. Half-price Tickets(available only for programs produced by the NTCH)
    Disable persons are eligible to buy tickets at 50% off, one ticket for the disable person and one for a caretaker. Please show your ticket and proper identification when entering the venue.
  2. Program information by telephone for the handicapped.
    Detailed program in formations are available through telephone. Call (02)3393-9888
  3. Guide Service and Information
    In order to ensure that handicapped individuals who come to the NTCH enjoy the experience to the fullest, those who need assistance or information to find their seats can call daily from 12 noon to 8p.m. to make an appointment with a guide. Call (02) 3393-9888
  4. Entry and Exit for People and Vehicles

Services for the Elderly

NTCH has staff ready to help older visitors make ticket purchases or provide medical assistance. There are also emergency help buttons available for those in need of assistance.

  1. Assistance in buying tickets (for performance organized by NTCH only)
    Tickets for the elderly are available at a discount for all programs organized by the Center. Organizers who rent venues and cooperative productions do not offer this service. Only those 65 years old or older are eligible for 50% off the price of a ticket whether purchased at NTCH or through an associated outlet. Please inform the ticket seller if you are eligible for half-price tickets. Proper ID must be shown at the gate to gain admission. If ID is not shown, the ticket may be charged at full price plus a handling fee.
  2. Medical Information
    The Service Center staff includes a number of personnel who are medically trained. They stand ready to provide information regarding various performances and to offer medical assistance if needed in case of accident or injury.
  3. Taxi Calling Service
    Any elderly person who requires assistance in finding a taxi after a performance can ask for help at the front desk.
  4. Emergency Call Button
    For acoustical reasons the doors of the NTCH all use thick glass and cannot be fitted with automatic opening and closing mechanisms. Thus we have placed an Emergency Call Button at the entry to each hall so that the elderly or those who have trouble walking can call for assistance. Please do no hesitate to ring the bell if assistance is required in entering the building.
  5. Information on Guide Services
    Any elderly person planning to attend a performance at the Center and requiring assistance in finding a seat or needing help with a wheelchair needs to call between the hours from 9a.m. to 8p.m. for information or to make an appointment.
    Call (02)3393-9888.


The National Theater and Concert Hall are ideal places to enjoy the performing arts, and it would be a challenge to find a more romantic place to visit. The exquisite classic Chinese architecture of these two buildings house modern facilities that play host to hundreds of world class performers. Many people are fascinated by the design and inner workings of the National Theater and Concert Hall and would like to learn more.

The best way to learn more is through a tour of the buildings. The NTCH have trained tour guides ready to show visitors around. They will lead visitors on a journey of discovery through the halls, going into fascinating detail about how the buildings were constructed and all the small details about the stages and performances. English tours are also available for visitors from overseas.

  1. Times
    Groups: Mon-Fri 1p.m.、3p.m. in two tours
    Sat & Sun 11a.m.、1p.m.
  2. Price
    Group NT$100 per person ; NT$70 per person (groups of 20 or more)
  3. To sign up
    Call (02) 3393-9888 between 9a.m. to 8p.m.
  4. Type of tours
    60 minutes, conducted in Chinese. Call for information on tours in other languages.
  5. Meeting point
    Service Center on the ground floor of the National Theater (Gate No. 1 of the National Theater, close to Aiguo East Road)


  1. In the interest of safety and the quality of the tours, members of the group must be 7 or older
  2. Some areas may be inaccessible due to performances, rehearsals or other conditions
  3. Please call (02)3393-9888 between 9a.m. to 8p.m. if you have any questions.

FAQ about the National Theater

  • There are a few things you should keep in mind when visiting the NTCH Are performances in the National Theater and Concert Hall rated?
    For programs which are designed for ‘parents and children’, however, there are no age restrictions and anyone may enter. Please observe the rules at all times and do not distract others in the audience, otherwise a staff member may ask you to leave.
  • Is formal dress required?
    Although gowns and tuxedos are not necessary, we do ask that you show discretion in your dress for shows at the NTCH. For example flip-flop sandals and shorts are not appropriate and are disrespectful of artists and the arts.
  • What happens if I arrive late?
    Please be on time for the start of an event. Late arrivals will be asked to remain outside the venue, where there are TV monitors to follow the performance until there is an appropriate break. A staff member will then escort the late arrival to the proper seat. This is not designed to punish late arrivals; it is simply an act of courtesy to the performer. Please note that there may be some performances where it is very difficult to enter once the show has begun.
  • Should I turn off my cell phone during a show?
    Members of the audience should show courtesy to the performer by remaining quiet during a show. Noise is not only disturbing to others in the audience; it shows a lack of consideration on the part of the one responsible for the noise. Please turn off all electronic devices including watches, cell phones and other items which may make unexpected sounds. Also, please do not leave your seat during a performance unless it is absolutely necessary, and do not allow young viewers to move around unmonitored or to stand on chairs or make other distracting movements. Above all, do not yell or make unnecessary comments or noises such as whistling, and try to suppress coughing as much as possible.
  • When is it appropriate to clap?
    Clapping is an art among audiences. Proper applause is the audience’s reaction to a performer, but clapping at inappropriate moments may cause a disturbance to the performer or to the audience. If the performance is done in stages or sections it may be proper to applaud at the end of each segment. If you are not certain, you can consult the program guide for the performance and understand what to expect from the show. This will help in appreciating the performance even more and prevent any inappropriate applause. Sometimes it may be very difficult to gauge whether you should applaud. In such cases look to the performer, as in the conductor of an orchestra, and do not applaud wildly or too loudly.
  • Is photography allowed?
    Photography is allowed only for those who apply for and receive a permit from the organizers of a performance. Photography, filming and other recording is a violation of the rights of the performer, and it can also be very distracting for other people in the audience.
  • Is smoking or eating and drinking okay during a show?
    Smoking, eating and drinking are all prohibited in the seating areas of the NTCH. These habits affect the safety and cleanliness of the venue and in the case of smoking can be a hazard to other people. If you absolutely must smoke during the middle of a performance, please have your ticket stamped and leave the hall, and then return after you are finished.
  • How can I give a bouquet to a performer?
    Giving a bouquet is a thoughtful way to express your appreciation for a performer. In the NTCH, members of the audience are not allowed to leave their seats to present the bouquet. Please give the bouquet to a staff member. The staff will ensure that they are presented to the performer at an appropriate moment during the show. Stands of flowers may be placed at the glass doors at the first-floor entrances to the National Theater and the Concert Hall, while at the Experimental Theater and the Recital Hall they can be placed at the main entry.
  • Can I ask a performer for an autograph?
    Getting an autograph from a musician or dancer is a very rare occasion.
    But please remember that in the National Theater, Concert Hall and Experiment Theater–following the performance, the best place is the staff entrance at Gate Number 3 on the ground level of the two halls. In the case of the Recital Hall, please wait at the staff entrance in the basement of the building.
  • Do people attend a show get a discount on parking?
    The standard parking fee is NT$80. Please remember to retain the ID card you received when you drove into the parking garage, you will need to use it to leave the Center.
  • How do I return or exchange a ticket?
    A 10% handling fee will be charged for returned tickets. Tickets may be exchanged only for other tickets for the same performance, and a handling fee of NT$20 per ticket will be charged. Returns and exchanges should be carried out at least one day prior to the start of a performance (for shows put on by outside organizers, you should make such arrangements ten days in advance). Go to the ticket office of the two halls for more information and to process ticket requests.
    The NTCH retains the right to change program content without prior notification. In the case of drastic changes like substitution of more than half of the cast of a production, ticket refunds may be allowed. If an announcement is made that tickets may be refunded, take any tickets to the ticket office at least one day in advance of the performance or refunds will not be allowed.
  • What should ticket holders be aware of?
    Please be clean and orderly, and remember that one person per ticket is allowed into the venue.
    Please be polite and reserved at all times and do not disturb others. Anyone creating a disturbance may be asked to leave.
    Tickets which are lost, damaged or burned to the extent that they are unrecognizable may not be used to gain entry to a venue. NTCH is not obligated to replace the ticket. Please ensure that tickets are kept in a dry, secure place.
    The standard parking rate applies to ticket holders to a performance on the date of the performance. Please remember that tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged on the day of the performance.
    If you have any other questions or comments please direct them to our Service Center at (02) 3933-9888.